Top 9, The Unseen Moments

My instagram is flooded with the Top 9. Top 9 most liked photos from this year. Top 9 moments. Top 9 best memories. 

My top 9 never made it onto instagram. My top 9 moments and memories weren’t shared for hundreds to see. My top 9 were lived, be me. They were special moments, mundane moments, my moments. They didn’t get a special picture (or maybe they did that was slightly filtered and put on the grid later), but they were not felt by anyone but me, in that place and time. 

I guess i’m reminding myself, that moments of time are lived just by us, in ourselves. They may be shared with loved ones and friends but a picture on an app can never give the most poignant moments of our lives the significance they deserve. They will stay treasured in my mind, memories to keep and hold tight. 

I am reading a beautiful and intriguing book right now called ‘The tiger’s wife’. I read a line last night that made me stop and think about this even more. To briefly set the scene, a young girl and her grandfather are walking late at night, he is taking her to see a beautiful and majestical sight, of an Elephant walking through the streets.

‘My grandfather and I stopped at the bus station, and the Elephant passed, slow, graceful, enchanted by the food in the young man’s hand. The moon threw a tangle of light into the long, soft hairs sticking up out of his trunk and under his chin. “No one will ever believe this, none of my friends will believe it, “ I said. My grandfather looked at me like he had never seen me before, “You must be joking, look around. Think for a moment, you’re going to tell your friend’s about it? Why? Do you think they will understand it? Do you think it will matter to them?’ 

And isn’t he right, the grandfather? Sometimes I waste the most precious moments thinking of how others might respond when I tell them about it later, instead of soaking it up and pondering upon the beauty there and then. The fact is, no one can really understand all of our moments. The hard ones, the lonely ones, the moments that go unseen and unnoticed, the broken days, the boring days, the most special intimate moments, moments of beauty and connection and joy. They are yours, and mine to be lived and experienced and maybe they didn’t make it to the Instagram Top 9 but just remember, that this past year, 2018, held a whole host of priceless and special moments that are just yours, to treasure. Making this list I realised I have a hundred moments that never made it, here’s 9 of the best.

My Top 9 that never made it to Instagram : 

  1. A wonderful nights sleep with views of the ocean when we landed in Sydney. It was a soft bed after after 6 months of hard pallets!! Bliss!

  2. Swimming with Dolphins, the cold biting water and their dancing fins around me at sunrise on a March morning. 

  3. Hugging my family at the airport after 11 months apart. 

  4. Meeting my new darling nieces for the first time after being away, getting to know them. 

  5. Lattes at the park with my Sister, the boys running wild, mundane chats and moments but priceless after 11 years of living in different cities.

  6. Long days in the sun reading for hours on end.

  7. Giving a young patient with a particularly bad cancer diagnosis the very best care I could, lingering to talk a while just because, it mattered.

  8. Watching the Church light up with candles as little children sang Silent Night at our Christingle service. A magical moment.

  9. All the millions of unseen moments with Ed, the reading of books and cooking and driving, watching films and doing the laundry, washing up and shopping, the long journeys and conversations and growing together.  Ok I cheated on this one but how could I pick just one?!