Food for the Soul

We all love food. It is such a huge part of our lives and culture and I am of the mind that food is so much more than eating and feuling. It is good for the soul. I grew up with family meals, long discussions, celebrations and even in tricky times we would always eat at the table, together. 

For a while, I used to pick a recipe once a week and my mum and I would cook it together, I’ve always been interested in the process of cooking and having come from a family of great cooks, i’ve thoroughly enjoyed the eating process too!!

However, more than the food itself, is the way it brings people together and the importance of it in our lives. I’m grateful to have had a mum who is a wonderful cook, and who has used food to bring our family closer. Very rarely would we have tv dinners, takeaways or grab things separately. She once made me a recipe book and at the end of it she put, ‘always eat together, at the table’. And whilst it doesn’t necessarily matter where you eat, her point is valid, eat together, and be present. 

That’s what I want to get at today, I want to encourage you to eat with your family and friends, to gather round tables, light candles, put some music on and enjoy the whole process. To make a mess in the kitchen at the weekend with someone you love, try new recipes, spend hours making something you really fancy and then thoroughly enjoy it. When we were first married almost every weekend we would pick a new recipe and spend a good few hours making something new. Once we spent hours making homemade pasta - it didn’t turn out amazing but the time spent together was quality and the satisfying result of eating something totally homemade together is always great. Some of our best conversations are spent whilst Ed is chopping (usually chilies) and I potter about washing up and laying the table. The kitchen is the center of our home, as it was for me growing up. 

I love to have people round for evenings and together we plan nice meals and puddings. I love creating an environment that is warm and welcoming. We eat around the table and talk for hours and that’s where our best friendships are made. 

Sometimes it really is called for to get a takeaway and eat in front of the tv, but those are far and few between. When I think of having children, I want them to feel a sense of home when they are in the kitchen, cooking together and then eating as a family, communicating and sharing our lives.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not married, or don’t have children, cook with your housemates, your family, invite friends over, use food to bring people together and enjoy the whole process, as we have said before, the eating is simply the cherry on the cake.