Easy Indian Street Food

I love indian food. I also love quick food after a long shift. Quick indian food, therefore, is the best! 

This is a pretty fun meal, it would be great to have with friends over a weekend but is just as great as an after work meal. Spices play a big part in this kitchen, so this is packed full of herbs, spices and complimenting sides to make a delicious chapati wrap. If you're avoiding grains or don't want gluten, skip the wrap and serve the chicken and sides over a crispy green salad. 

Serves 2

You Will Need : 

x2 Chicken Breasts
x2 Handfuls Coriander
x2 Red Chilli's
Tbsp Turmeric
Tsp Fresh ginger
One red onion
Tsp Cumin
Tbsp Garam Masala
Tsp Chili Powder
x3 Garlic cloves
1/4 Red cabbage sliced
Olive Oil


Mixed peppers
Plain yoghurt
Handful fresh mint finely chopped
1/3 Cucumber chopped
Mango pulp (found in most supermarkets world food section)

Firstly make your chicken. Chop the chicken breast into good sized chunks and coat in a layer of turmeric and a pinch of salt. Dice the onions and fry with the chili, garlic and ginger and a little olive oil / butter. Add your chicken and the rest of the spices. Once cooked add the sliced red cabbage and sauté a little but leave crunch. Add your fresh coriander and serve up with sides .


Slice your mixed peppers and fry in olive oil and a chunk of butter until charred and soft. Mix plain yoghurt with a handful of fresh mint and chunky cucumber. Put a good dollop of mango pulp into a bowl and serve with sides. 

This is great served up with homemade chapattis, you can find a basic recipe in loads of cook books, we used Paul Hollywood wholewheat chapati recipe. Alternatively you could make some rice or serve with a crunchy green salad! 

Enjoy with a cold beer and friends