Hi Friends, my name is Bethany, welcome to this space.

I am part travel lover and part feet on the ground home girl. I seem to live in the constant tensions of both. Last year my husband and I quit our jobs to travel for a year. It succeeded all expectations and hopes and changed us forever. You can read about it here in this space. 

For now, we are living in London, Nursing by day and writing by night. Pursuing dreams and the belief that life is what you make it. This platform is a space to connect and create, to inspire, learn and grow. 

I believe in stories and lessons through life. I believe in sharing our journeys, the big and small steps, the everyday moments, the mundane and the adventurous. I am passionate about belonging and finding home in this corner of the world. I want House of Figs to be a home away form home. A space to belong, create and enjoy the every day moments. Here, may we celebrate life through finding joy and meaning in simplicity. I believe there is room at the table for all, welcome.